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About us


(A business plan is a structured formal report which acts as a potent device to create, design,  diagnose  or  restructure  your  business  assumptions.  We,  at  Business-Plan- Assistance.com  guide you in innovating, growing and succeeding in your business. We prepare the practical Business Plan which could be implemented by the client. With our help, we can provide you with the excellent and commendable blueprint with due diligence. A business plan is like a compass or map for the business.

You can get a business idea in your mind. But we here at Business-Plan-Assistance assist you in taking your idea to the next level, making it even more practical and better.) (Our business plan will turn your idea into concrete steps. It will be a business plan for taking actions upon and implementing it; for building or restructuring your product, taking it to market and improving the efficiency of the organization.

We, at Business-Plans-Assistance.com help in preparing the business plan in the most logical and in the most organized manner.

Since 2005, Business-Plans-Assistance.com, we have created more than 500 successful business plans for clients including entrepreneurs, large multi-national corporations, small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. These clients have gone on to achieve tremendous success.)

(Resources which are required from the Client:

  1. Organization’s idea about the business plan.
  2. Information about the organization.
  3. Appropriate financial information of the organization.
  4. Any other detail which the client thinks that it is important.




Objective of our Business-Plans-Assistance.com:

To add value to the client’s business idea by assisting them in planning the structure, growing it in the concrete way and protecting it from the external and internal environment.

We Plan, We Grow, We Protect

Who needs business plan:

  1. For evaluating a new product line.
  2. For promoting your business.
  3. For expanding or starting or restructuring your new business.
  4. For getting new and good ideas about a specific industry for a specific location.
  5. For getting assistance into the capital raising process.
  6. For understanding the financial strategy.


Vital Elements of all our Business Plans: